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500g Jasmine Red Dragon Pearl of Dian Black Tea

Jasmine Red Dragon Beads of Dian Black Tea is known all over China.Per-tea specializes in high-quality tea from China and supply most of 100% organic green tea,black tea and loose leaf tea online. All of our tea are on full compliance with EU standards, have the examining report of SGS(none pesticide residue),the real Organic Healthy Drink can benefit your health! Jasmine and tea associated with together, it can improve the eyesight, moisturize the beauty and so on. In addition to the medicinal efficacy of tea, the jasmine has an effect of detoxification.
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Review: 4.54 - ,
The teas I have tried so far taste good. The quality appears great and its a great chance to try a variety of teas. Use their website to find out more details of each tea!


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