Brewing Method and Skills of Black Tea

Published: Friday 04 January, 2019

1. Choose Tea
Good quality tea can make good tea, so when choosing tea, we also need some skills. When brewing, we need to keep the tea pure, brewing a cup of black tea, about a bag, a teaspoon or 3 grams of tea.
2. Good water quality
Generally speaking, the natural mountain spring water is the most suitable for making tea. Making black tea with mountain spring water can trigger the aroma of black tea.
3. Good tea sets
To brew a good pot of tea, we must choose a suitable tea set. Usually, purple sand teapot is used for brewing. For example, Kungfu black tea, race black tea and bagged black tea, white porcelain cup can be used for drinking.
4. Time (2-3 minutes)
Put in tea, pour boiling water, and then cover the pot, so that the taste and aroma of black tea can be fully released in hot water, soak for about 2 to 3 minutes, until the tea is unfolded, sink in the bottom of the pot, you can enjoy.
5. Water temperature (90-100 degrees)
To brew a good pot of black tea, the water temperature is also one of its most important skills. The water temperature is maintained at 90 to 100 degrees. At the same time, the tea cup and teapot are scalded with hot water, which is called a warm pot (cup).