Chinese Tea Culture

Published: Thursday 13 December, 2018

    When Chinese drink tea, they pay attention to the word "tasting". "Tasting tea" is not only to identify the advantages and disadvantages of tea, but also to have reverie and taste the taste of drinking tea. Making a pot of strong tea in a busy time, choosing elegant and quiet places and drinking it by oneself can eliminate fatigue, eliminate troubles and stimulate one's mind, or sip slowly to achieve the enjoyment of beauty and sublimate the spiritual world to a noble artistic realm. Tea-tasting environment is generally composed of buildings, gardens, decorations, tea sets and other factors. Tea drinking requires quietness, freshness, comfort and cleanliness. Chinese gardens are famous all over the world, and landscape scenery is countless. The use of gardens or natural landscapes, wooden pavilions, stools, set up tea rooms, give a person a poetic and picturesque. For people to have a rest, can not help but be interesting.

    China is a country with ancient civilization and etiquette, which attaches great importance to etiquette. The etiquette of making and respecting tea is indispensable to all guests. When visitors come to visit, they can ask for advice and choose the best tea set and the best taste for visitors. When respecting customers with tea, it is also necessary to mix tea properly. When accompanying guests to drink tea, the host should pay attention to the residual amount of tea in their cups and pots. Generally, tea is brewed in tea cups. If half of the tea has been drunk, boiled water should be added. With the addition of water, the concentration of tea is basically consistent and the water temperature is appropriate. Tea, sweets and dishes can also be added to the tea to regulate the taste and refreshments.

    The content of Chinese tea culture is mainly the reflection of tea in Chinese spiritual culture, which is more extensive than "tea custom" and "tea ceremony", which is also the reason why Chinese tea culture differs greatly from that of Europe, America and Japan.