Choose your own tea

Published: Monday 01 April, 2019

    Generally speaking, some patients and pregnant women should not drink tea, even ordinary people, but also have a choice in drinking tea. Because there are different constitutions in the crowd, such as gender, age, region, fat and thin, cold and heat, deficiency and excess, some people are not suitable for tea. Therefore, drinking tea also varies from person to person.
        Drinking tea according to one's constitution.
        Tea selection is one of the important basic skills of tea ceremony health. From the point of view of tea growing areas, there are differences in southeast, northwest, cold, hot and gentle, and the brewing process is also different. Strictly speaking, not all tea is beneficial to the body.
We often see that some people drink Longjing tea or scented tea to go to the toilet and have a bad diarrhea, so that they no longer drink tea; some people will have constipation after drinking tea; some people will feel hungry after drinking tea seriously; some people will not sleep all night; some people will have a rise in blood pressure after drinking tea; some people will drink tea like drunken wine, appear the strange phenomenon of tea drunkenness, causing panic and panic. The symptoms of dizziness, limb weakness, stomach distress, instability in standing and hunger should be carefully nourished for tea drinkers. Tea intoxication is caused by fasting tea drinking, low blood sugar or allergy to aminophylline, or excessive fatigue, or excessive excitement. In general, appropriate intake of some fruits or sugar water, or let the patient rest, temporary cessation of tea drinking are conducive to the recovery of tea intoxicated patients.
        People's physique is tall and thin, people's personality is soft and rigid, people's spirit is low and high, people's innate endowment is strong and weak, these should be treated differently. Generally speaking, fat people are phlegm-damp, cold-frightened and depressed; thin people are fire-prone, hot-humid and yin-deficient. Southern people tend to have more fire, their constitution tends to be Yin deficiency and damp-heat; northern people tend to be cold, their constitution tends to be Yang deficiency and phlegm-dampness. In terms of lifestyle, smokers tend to be damp and hot, Yin-Fire and phlegm-dampness, while alcoholics tend to be damp and hot with Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity. Professionally speaking, intellectuals and office workers are more likely to be quiet and disgusting, so they are physically more exterior than interior; while manual workers are more likely to be active and disgusting, so they are physically more exterior than interior. In the aspect of tea drinking, some people should pay attention to some and prefer some kind of tea, so that under the influence of long-term tea drinking habits, the constitution will also change. Some people never drink tea. When they first drink tea, they should be light in quantity, gentle in quality and peaceful in time.
        Tea selection should vary from person to person and pay attention to the different state of human body. Adolescent sexual development, mainly green tea; adolescent girls menstruation and women menopause, emotional insecurity, flower tea to soothe liver depression, regulating qi; women postpartum and manual workers should use black tea; mental workers should use green tea; elderly liver and kidney yin deficiency or yin and yang deficiency can drink black tea. In terms of the combination and drinking of medicinal tea, intellectuals and working people can drink flower or leaf plants with mild medicinal taste, mild medicinal power and fragrant odor, while heavy manual workers such as porters and construction workers are suitable for drinking vines and stem plant tea with thicker medicinal power.