Classification of Tea

Published: Thursday 24 January, 2019

In the classification of tea species in China, we can divide it into six main categories: green tea, black tea, white tea, Oolong tea, yellow tea and dark tea. In addition, there are flower tea and so on!
1.Green Tea
Green tea is a non-fermented tea, that is, fresh leaves are laid out and fried directly in a hot pot in 100-200 degrees to maintain its green characteristics.
2.Black Tea
Black tea, on the contrary, is a fully fermented tea (more than 80%). Black tea derives its name from its soup red color.
3.Dark Tea
Dark tea was originally sold mainly to border areas, such as Pu'er tea in Yunnan Province. Pu'er tea is made by pouring water on the green tea which has been made and then fermenting. Pu'er tea has the effect of reducing fat, weight and blood pressure. It is very popular in Southeast Asia and Japan. But if you really want to lose weight, the most notable effect is Oolong tea.
4.Oolong Tea
Oolong tea, also known as green tea, is a kind of semi-fermented tea between black and green tea. Oolong tea is the most complex and time-consuming process in the six categories of tea, and its brewing method is also the most exquisite, so drinking Oolong tea is also known as drinking Gongfu tea.
5.Yellow Tea
The famous Junshan Silver Needle Tea belongs to Yellow Tea. Yellow Tea is a little like green tea, but it needs three days to be frozen in the middle.
6.White Tea
White tea is basically made by sunshine. White tea and yellow tea are very good in appearance, aroma and taste.