Edible Effect of Hawthorn Tea

Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2018

Strengthening spleen and stimulating appetite.  Hawthorn ingredients in hawthorn tea are sweet in taste and mild in nature, entering the spleen, stomach and liver meridians.
Promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and resolving phlegm.
To promote digestion and eliminate stagnation.  The lipolytic enzyme contained can promote the digestion of fatty foods.
Promote gastric secretion and increase the function of enzymes in the stomach.
Promoting digestion and resolving food stagnation, softening hardness and resolving food stagnation.  When cooking the hard meat of the old chicken, adding a few hawthorns is easy to rot, indicating that it has the effect of eliminating meat.
Enhance appetite, improve sleep, keep calcium in bone and blood constant, and prevent atherosclerosis.  The effect is especially obvious for the elderly.