Effectiveness and Magical Effect of Tea

Published: Wednesday 16 January, 2019

I believe you all know that tea is a very healthy drink. It plays a certain role in high blood lipid and cancer prevention. At the same time, there are many places in life where tea is used, such as protecting teeth. Tea has many effects and wonderful effects.

1. Drinking tea can prevent dental caries

In tea, especially in low-grade tea, there is more fluorine. Fluorine and calcium have special affinity. They can combine with calcium to form an acid-insoluble fluorapatite and attach to the surface of teeth. This acid-resistant protective coating effectively prevents the occurrence of dental caries and reduces the occurrence of other oral diseases.

2. Drinking more tea helps prevent cataract

Medical research has proved that drinking more tea can prevent cataract. It is generally believed that the pathogenesis of cataract is due to the action of free radicals produced by oxidation on the lens of the eye. Tannic acid in tea decomposes metabolites with antioxidant effect, which can prevent the occurrence of free radical oxidation reaction. Therefore, drinking more tea can help prevent cataract.

3. Cosmetic effect of tea

(1) Tea bath beauty: The main components of tea are caffeine, theophylline, tannic acid, cocoa beans, etc. Alkaline tea bath has skin care effect, especially for dry skin, after several tea bath immersion, the skin will become smooth and tender. Tea bath is simple and easy. After soaking in the bathtub, the whole body will emit the fragrance of tea, which is also a kind of beautiful enjoyment.

(2) Tea Beauty: Tea catechin is a natural antioxidant, which can enhance the activity of superoxide dismutase and help the body to eliminate free radical lipid peroxides, so it has a strong anti-aging effect.

(3) Tea water to wash eyes: Tea contains vitamin A and vitamin C and some trace elements which are beneficial to eyes. Tea water to wash eyes can play a bright and beautiful role, especially for students and mental workers who often use eyes. Eye washing method: Use gauze to dip in warm tea water, wet compress the eyes, blink the eyelids, for a long time, it will work wonderfully.

(4) Tea water shampoo beauty: Tea water shampoo can be hairdressing. Tea contains substances such as promoting hair growth and relieving itching, which can protect hair follicles on scalp and promote blood circulation. It is beneficial to hair growth. It is better to wash your hair at intervals with shampoo when used.

(5) Tea mouthwash and tooth care: Many substances contained in tea have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sterilization and other effects. Washing and gargling the mouth with tea water can clean the mouth and teeth. If you have toothache caused by fire, you can also use salt tea to drink and treat it.

(6) Tea can cure allergies: people's hands and faces will be burned under excessive sunlight, their skin color will become dark, and even peeling. When peeling, if the gauze soaked in strong tea is wet compressed in time, or soaked in the relevant parts in strong tea, it can quickly play the role of pain relief and fever relief. When confronted with allergies of unknown causes, tea water can also be used to soak or chew the tea wet compress, which can also receive good curative effect.

(7) Drinking tea can reduce weight: There are many compounds in tea, such as caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid and aromatic substances, which can enhance gastric juice and regulate fat metabolism, especially oolong tea has a good decomposition of protein and fat. At the same time, tea can regulate fat metabolism and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, so drinking tea can reduce weight to a certain extent.