Efficacy of Luo Han Guo Tea

Published: Tuesday 04 December, 2018

Luo Han Guo is sweet and cool, belongs to the lung and large intestine meridians, has the effects of moistening lung and relieving cough, promoting fluid production and quenching thirst, is suitable for cough due to lung heat or lung dryness, pertussis and summer heat injury and thirst, and also has the effect of relaxing bowels.
Luo Han Guo does have the effect of clearing heat and moistening lung, but there is no record in the literature of traditional Chinese medicine that Luo Han Guo has the effect of nourishing yin, and there is no record of what kind of food to avoid.  Modern medical research has confirmed that Luo Han Guo contains a sweetening agent 300 times sweeter than sucrose, but it does not produce heat, so it is an ideal substitute for diabetics, obesity and other people who are unfit to eat sugar.