EGCG in Tea

Published: Friday 01 June, 2018

Green tea has a delicate taste and a clear cleansing effect on many organic compounds. One of them is epigallocatechin gallate, commonly abbreviated to EGCG, which raises concerns about its potential health benefits in healthcare and health communities. More research is necessary, but at the same time, Green Tea is still an attractive beverage and any long-term health benefit will be a pleasant reward.

What is EGCG? discovered that Epigallocatechin gallate is a common plant phenolic substance, usually described as tannin, because some of these compounds have long been used in tanning leather. They give tea a mild astringency, and make your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Some plant phenols, including EGCG, are particularly "bioactive", meaning they are likely to interact with other organic molecules and cellular processes. This activity is why EGCG is so interesting to the researchers.

The anticancer effect of green tea and EGCG is the focus of early research and has been encouraging data from in vitro, animal models and human studies. In addition, the use of the same amount of green tea for intervention studies, with 200 to 300 mg of EGCG, has demonstrated its role in cardiovascular and metabolic health. In addition, a large number of live studies have shown that green tea and EGCG play a role in cardiovascular and metabolism in these model systems.

This is an effective antioxidant

The first thing to understand about EGCG is that it interferes with oxidation, so it can help reduce oxidative damage in cells. Oxidative damage is known to be the cause of many diseases, especially cancer. As a result, some sources, particularly the supplement industry, believe that a large amount of antioxidants should be used to protect against numerous cancers.

It May Protect Against Cancer

That being said, there is reason to believe that the EGCG in green tea does provide some protective effect against cancer. Test-tube and animal studies have shown that EGCG interferes with the formation of several types of cancer, though the mechanisms aren't yet fully understood.

EGCG, Cardiovascular Function and Weight Loss

EGCG also seems to help the liver break down and process fats. Drinking green tea will not magically make you lose weight, but incorporating green tea regularly into a balanced program of healthy diet and exercise may well prove beneficial for overall health.