Function of Houttuynia Tea

Published: Sunday 28 October, 2018

The amount of research confirmed that Houttuynia cordata has anti-radiation effect, not only for aircrews, but also for people who are often close to the radiation source, such as X-ray machines and computer operators. Drinking Houttuynia Tea can reduce the damage of radiation to the body.
(2) The fish carp grassland name leeks, because of its strong net leaves, there is a strong fish suffocating, not long-lasting smell, so named after the smell. When people do not use it, they often think of it as a name, so that it is difficult to swallow. This is the reason for not practicing. In fact, after the drug is dried, not only does it have no suffocation, but also has a slight aroma. When adding water and decoction, it will evaporate a cinnamon-like aroma; it will be fried like a light black tea juice, carefully tasted, and similar to black tea. The taste is fragrant and slightly astringent, has no bitter taste, and has no odor, and is not irritating to the stomach. Houttuynia cordata has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, so it is used by predecessors to treat lung sputum (lung abscess). In recent years, it has been developed in clinical application of this product, used for lobar pneumonia, acute bronchitis and enteritis, diarrhea and other diseases, quite effective; this product has a diuretic effect, so it can be used for urinary tract infections, frequent urination pain.