Houttuynia Tea Side Effects

Published: Sunday 28 October, 2018

Some people have some allergic reactions when injecting Houttuynia injection or soaking in Houttuynia. The main thing is that the body shows drug dermatitis, peripheral neuritis and allergic purpura, etc., and some people have muscles. Local pain. If the problem of allergies is serious and there is no timely scientific treatment, it is likely to lead to anaphylactic shock and even death. Therefore, the side effects after taking Houttuynia must be paid enough attention to protect life and safety.
Because there are many cases in the Chinese people who have experienced adverse reactions after using Chinese medicine, there are some Houttuynia injections. In addition, not proprietary Chinese medicines represent absolute safety. Data statistics show that Chinese patent medicines cause a lot of adverse reactions. All in all, Chinese medicine is not absolutely safe and has no side effects. However, compared with Western medicine, Chinese medicine is a combination of various medicines, matching and restriction, so it is relatively more efficient and non-toxic. Western medicine is a single-agent, so there is no restriction, which is why the side effects of Western medicine are relatively large.