Oolong Tea - Source of Health

Published: Thursday 20 December, 2018

1. Health Care Functions

(1) Elimination of Reactive Oxygen Species Hazardous to Beauty and Health.

(2) Drinking 1 liter of Oolong tea every day can improve skin allergy.

(3) Drinking Oolong tea can reduce weight.

(4) Anti-tumor and anti-aging effects.

[1] Improving listening comprehension

Oolong tea has the functions of nourishing skin, detoxifying, convenience, anti-chemical activity and eliminating reactive oxygen species in cells. Oolong tea often helps middle-aged and old people to keep their hearing.

[2] Weight-loss efficacy

Oolong tea has the effect of dissolving fat. Because tannic acid, the main component of tea, is closely related to fat metabolism. Oolong tea can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Compared with black tea and green tea, Oolong tea can not only stimulate the activity of pancreatic fat decomposition enzymes and reduce the absorption of sugars and fat foods, but also accelerate the body's heat production, promote fat burning and reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

2. The Value of Pharmacotherapy

Oolong tea, as a famous Chinese special tea, not only has health functions such as refreshing and beneficial thinking, eliminating fatigue, promoting vital energy and diuresis, relieving heat and heat, sterilizing and eliminating inflammation, eliminating cold and alcohol, detoxifying and preventing diseases, eliminating food and greasy, reducing weight and bodybuilding, but also has special functions such as anti-cancer, reducing blood fat and anti-aging.

[1] Prevention of cancer

On June 15, 1998, Han Chi, an associate researcher in the Toxicology and Chemistry Research Department of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medical Sciences, and Xu Yong, her assistant, conducted an anti-cancer experiment of tea in animals. They conducted an experiment using sodium nitrite and methyl carrageenan as carcinogenic precursors. The results showed that none of the rats in the tea drinking group had esophageal cancer, and the rate in the non-tea drinking group was 100%. The results showed that tea could completely block the endogenous formation of nitroso gum.

[2] Hypolipidemia

Oolong tea can prevent and relieve the effect of lipid in blood on aortic atherosclerosis. Drinking Oolong tea can also reduce blood viscosity, prevent red blood cell aggregation, improve blood hypercoagulability, increase blood fluidity and improve microcirculation. In vitro thrombosis test also showed that Oolong tea could inhibit thrombosis.

[3] Anti-aging

Oolong tea has the same anti-aging effect as vitamin E. Under the condition of taking enough vitamin C every day, drinking oolong tea can keep the content of vitamin C in blood at a higher level, reduce the excretion of vitamin C in urine, and vitamin C has anti-aging effect. Therefore, drinking Oolong tea can enhance the anti-aging ability of human body in many ways.