Precautions for Drinking Hawthorn Tea

Published: Sunday 23 September, 2018

Hawthorn tastes sour and will become more sour after heating.Brush your teeth immediately after eating, otherwise it is not good for your teeth. Pregnant women do not eat hawthorns in order to avoid abortion, Those with weak spleen and stomach, those with low blood sugar and children do not eat hawthorn. Hawthorn can not be eaten on an empty stomach. Hawthorn contains a lot of organic acids, fruit acids, behenic acid, citric acid, etc., fasting, will increase the stomach acid, cause bad stimulation to the gastric mucosa, make the stomach full, pantothenic, if on an empty stomach When eaten, it will increase hunger and aggravate the original stomach pain. In addition, the market is flooded with a large number of dyed hawthorns that require attention. The combination of citric acid and stomach acid contained in raw hawthorn is easy to form a stomach stone and is difficult to digest. If the stomach stone can not be digested for a long time, it will cause gastric ulcer, stomach bleeding and even gastric perforation. Therefore, we should try our best to eat less raw hawthorn, especially who with weak gastrointestinal function.  The doctor suggested that hawthorn should be cooked before eating.