Several aspects to help you identify the quality of white tea

Published: Friday 21 September, 2018

Color: Bristle shiny, grayish green (leaf silver) or dark green, then the top grade; iron color, followed by quality; grass green yellow, black, red and waxy luster, quality Worst.
Leaf state: leaf flat stretch, leaf edge rewound, foliar ridged ripples, buds with branches slightly closer together, leaves upturned continuously broken, the best quality, leaf spread, folding, bending, followed by quality.
Clarity: Requirements shall not contain trifoliate orange, old stem, old leaves and wax leaves, if the tea contains impurities, the quality is poor.
Aroma: Concentrated in milliliters, fresh and pure for the top grade; there is light, green stink, loss of fresh, fermented sense of the times.
Taste: fresh, mellow, sweet for the top grade; crude, light for the poor.
Soup color: with apricot, apricot green, clear and bright for the top grade; red, dark and muddy for the poor.