Storage methods of tea

Published: Friday 11 January, 2019

1. avoid sunlight
Sunlight can promote the oxidation of pigments and esters in green tea, and decompose chlorophyll into demagnesium chlorophyll. Green tea is stored in glass containers or transparent plastic bags. After being irradiated by sunlight, its internal substances will react chemically, which will deteriorate the quality of green tea.
2. avoid high temperature.
The best preservation temperature of green tea is 0 - 5 C. Amino acids, sugars, vitamins and aromatic substances in tea will be decomposed and destroyed at high temperature, which will reduce the quality, aroma and taste of tea.
3. avoid dampness.
Green tea is a porous hydrophilic substance, so it has strong hygroscopicity and moisture regain. When storing green tea, the relative humidity of 60% is more suitable, and more than 70% of the green tea will suffer from mildew due to moisture absorption, which will lead to acidification and deterioration.
4. avoid peculiar smell
Green tea contains macromolecule palmitase and terpenoids. These substances are extremely unstable and can absorb odors widely. Therefore, when tea is mixed with odorous substances for storage, it will absorb odor and cannot be removed.