Tea culture knowledge

Published: Saturday 13 April, 2019

  The quality of tea is good or bad. When there is no scientific instrument and method identification, it can be evaluated by four aspects: color, fragrance and shape. The use of these four aspects to assess the quality of tea quality, usually using the look, smell, touch, and product identification. That is to see the shape, color, smell aroma, touch the body bones, open soup reviews.
        Color----Different teas have different color characteristics. The green tea in the green tea should be yellow-green, the green should be dark green steamed green should be green, the long well should be slightly beige in the bright green; if the green tea color is dark, dark brown, the quality must be poor. The color of green tea should be light green or yellowish green, clear and bright; if it is dark yellow or turbid, it is not a good tea. Black tea should be black and oily, the soup color is bright and bright, and some of the top grade black tea, its tea soup can form a circle of yellow oil ring around the cup, commonly known as "golden circle"; if the soup time is dim, turbid is unclear, it must be inferior black tea . Oolong tea is better with color, brown and smooth.
        Aroma----All kinds of teas have their own aromas, such as green tea with fragrance, top grade green tea, orchid fragrance, chestnut fragrance, etc., black tea with fragrance and sweet or floral fragrance; oolong tea with ripe peach and so on. If the aroma is low, it is set as inferior tea; if it is Chen, it is Chencha; if there is mildew and other odor, it is metamorphic tea. It is Kudingcha, and it smells natural. Flower tea attracts tea customers with aroma.
        Taste----or the taste of tea. The taste of tea itself is composed of various ingredients such as bitter, glutinous, sweet, fresh and sour. The composition of the ingredients is right, the taste is fresh and delicious. At the same time, different teas have different tastes. The first-class green tea tastes bitter, but the aftertaste is rich, making the tongue taste good; the old and bad tea is light and tasteless, even Rinse mouth and numb tongue. The finest black tea tastes strong, strong and fresh; the low-grade black tea is plain and tasteless. The entrance of Kudingcha is very bitter, but it is sweet after drinking.
        Shape----The quality of tea can be judged from the shape of tea, because the quality of tea is directly related to the fresh leaves picked by tea, and it is also related to tea making, which is reflected in the shape of tea. Such as good Longjing tea, the shape is light, flat, straight, shaped like a bowl of nails; good pearl tea, the particles are round and uniform; good time black tea is tight, red broken tea particles are neat and uniform; good Maofeng tea bud Much, buds and so on. If the rope is loose, the particles are loose, the leaves are rough, and the body is light, even if it is not good tea.