The benefits of drinking tea

Published: Thursday 06 December, 2018

  Tea is considered to be "healthy liquid, soul drink" in the UK and is known as "national drink" in China. A large number of studies in modern science have confirmed that tea does contain ingredients closely related to human health. Tea not only has refreshing and clearing heart, clearing away heat and detoxifying, eliminating digestion and phlegm, taking greasy weight loss, clearing heart and removing trouble, interpreting sobering, quenching thirst, reducing fire and eyesight, It has pharmacological effects such as dehumidification and dehumidification, and it also has certain pharmacological effects on modern diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. It can be seen that the pharmacological effects of tea and the wide range of functions are irreplaceable for other beverages. The main components of tea have pharmacological effects are tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharides and the like. The specific effects are:
1. Helps to delay aging.
2. Helps to inhibit cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
3. Helps prevent cancer and fight cancer.
4. Helps reduce radiation damage.
5. Helps inhibit and resist viral bacteria.
6. Helps with skin care.
7. Helps to refresh your mind.
8. Helps diuretic deficiency
9. Helps reduce to help digestion.
10. Helps to protect your teeth.