The history of Dianhong Golden Buds

Published: Thursday 12 July, 2018

At the year of 1937, autumn, Feng shao qiu and Zheng he chun went to Yunnan for a visit personally and began their research about the producing and selling situation of local tea. They thought that Moutain Feng of Feng Qing county had good natural condition for tea's growth. Therefore they tried to develop black tea and finally they did it by hard working. This kind of tea had strong stalk, the soup was red and light, the bottom of tea leaf was vivid and visible. It was aromatic flavor and these features were never been found at other provinces before. During the developing period, it usually took half a month from Dali to Fengqing to deliver the equipments because of poor traffic condition.

By the year of 1939, the first batch of Dianhong 500 finally worked out. They shipped the cargo to HongKong by a bamboo package, then put into market with some aluminium pots. This was what we called Dianhong tea. From then on, the industry of Dianhong tea had been developing every year and it became a kind of well-known tea. Dianhong superfine Kungfu tea is a famous Chinese tea and also a outstanding product of the export price of Chinese black tea, which is popular in the former Soviet Union, Eastern European countries and London market.