The History of Luo Han Guo Tea

Published: Wednesday 14 November, 2018

Japanese scholars have found that the large amount of sweet substances contained in Luo Han Guo is not glucose, but a "sweet glycoside" and a small amount of fructose. Since the small intestine does not absorb the glycoside, it will only be excluded from the body, so it will not be converted into calories. If it is used well, it should be the best substitute for sugar.
People who are addicted to sweetness and want to lose weight or who must control their sugar intake.
It has also been found that Luo Han Guo can strengthen the function of pancreas and help insulin secretion, and its role in vitamin E Luo Han Guo tea: It can strengthen the penetration of cell membrane and help insulin secretion, so experts believe that Luo Han Guo is a good thing for diabetic patients. It is a wonderful fruit.