Use of Tea

Published: Thursday 31 January, 2019

Tea is mainly used as a beverage, and it is an excellent beverage with color, fragrance and taste. But besides drinking, there are many special uses, which can also be said to be practical value in daily life. Tea has a history of thousands of years in people's life. With the accumulation of time, it will naturally find many special uses. These uses are summarized as follows:
1. Treatment of beriberi
    Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect, especially for filamentous bacteria to treat beriberi. Therefore, people with beriberi will wash their feet by boiling tea into thick juice every night, and they will be cured over time.
2. Eliminate halitosis
    Tea has a strong astringent effect. Tea is often contained in the mouth to eliminate halitosis. Commonly used strong tea gargle, but also the same effect.
3, hair care
    Tea can get rid of dirt and greasy, so after washing your hair, you can wash it with tea, which can make your hair dark, soft and shiny.
4. Washing and adjusting silk clothes
    Silk clothing is most afraid of chemical detergents. If the soaked tea is used for boiling water to wash silky clothes, the original color of the clothes can be maintained, but the clothes are as bright as new. Washing nylon clothes has the same effect.
5. Relieving Cold Symptoms
    Laryngitis, hoarseness, may be a cold, but before going to the doctor, use ice sugar to brew strong tea and drink a few large cups, immediately feel refreshed oral cavity, reduce pain, the former rural areas treated him as a partial prescription.
6. Boiled tea eggs
    Boiled tea eggs are a delicious food. They can be boiled with soaked tea or with tea powder. The boiled tea eggs are red in color and delicious in taste.
7. Tea pillow
    The used tea leaves are spread out on the template and dried. They are accumulated and can be used as pillow cores. It is said that tea pillows can refresh the mind and improve thinking ability. According to the theory that tea is cool, refreshing and refreshing is not unreasonable.
8. Removing mosquitoes
    Drying the used tea leaves and lighting them in the summer evening can eliminate mosquitoes, which is absolutely harmless to human body and has the same effect as mosquito-repellent incense.
9. Cuisine condiments
    Tea is rich in pigments, especially the dark brown pigments of black tea, which can be used for making wine and food. If the kitchen prepared a little black tea juice, as a dish condiment, better than the general chemical pigments.
10. Flower and grass fertilizer
    Tea brewed with inorganic salts, carbohydrates and other nutrients, stacked in a garden or pot, can help the development and reproduction of flowers and plants.
11. Black Tea Milk Sugar
    With the development of food industry, tea has special uses. Black tea milk candy has been a kind of delicious candy with unique taste, fragrance and fragrance since its advent.