Wuyi Rock Tea

Published: Tuesday 09 October, 2018

Wuyi Rock Tea produced in the northern part of Fujian Province Wuyishan area, Wuyi Mountain more cliff, tea farmers use rock concave, stone gap, stone seam, along the side of the masonry stone shore kind of tea, there is "pot-type" tea garden. Wuyi rock tea is divided into two producing areas: the famous rock producing area and the Dan Rock producing area.

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area in the north latitude 27 43, east longitude 11801. The average elevation is more than 600 meters, belongs to the middle elevation area. The climate belongs to the subtropical maritime climate, the four Seasons clear, the average annual temperature between 18-18,5. Rainfall is abundant, annual precipitation is about 2000 ml.

Variety characteristics

The shape of the tea is curved strip, the color is dark brown or dark green, or with sand green, or with green brown, or with treasure color. The tea rope is tight or strong, the tea color is orange, clear and bright. Aroma with flowers, fruit flavor, Taste mellow smooth and cool, with unique "rock rhyme". The bottom of the leaf is soft and bright, the green leaf red border, or the leaf edge red point is suffused.

Award honors

In 2003, Wuyishan was awarded the title of "Tea culture and Art township" by the National Culture Ministry.

May 20, 2006 Wuyi Rock tea (Robe Tea) production technology was awarded the first National Intangible cultural Heritage List, and on behalf of the traditional Chinese oolong tea production technology to declare the world's intangible cultural heritage.