Yellow tea

Published: Tuesday 23 October, 2018

 Yellow tea is a kind of tea between green tea and oolong tea, the preservation of yellow tea, its basic methods and green tea and oolong tea similar. In general, yellow tea should be stored in a closed, cool, dry, dark environment. Well preserved, yellow tea can be stored for a long time.

1, The tile altar to save: with dry, no smell, no cracks in the tile altar, the tea wrapped in paper, placed in the altar, placed in the altar of a bag of lime, with the cotton group will seal the altar, each Every 1 to 2 months for a lime. This method is mainly the use of lime moisture absorption and make tea dry, the disadvantage is: storage time is too long, the aroma of tea has been reduced.

2, The refrigerator to save: the tea can be sealed in the container, with a transparent tape to seal the lid, into the refrigerator freezer. Spring storage, to the winter out, the tea color, smell, taste and storage basically unchanged, this method is simple.

3, The thermos bottle preservation: Clean the hot water in the thermos bottle, even if the inner wall of the dirt or broken low vacuum holes in the water heater is also available, but to completely eliminate the water, and then put the tea into, and the cap tight The

4, Plastic bag preservation: the dry tea with soft white paper wrapped into one of them, and gently squeeze to discharge the air, and then tighten the bag with a thin rope, and then another plastic bag Anti-set in the first one, the same out of the air tight, into the dry, tasteless, sealed inside the iron.