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120g Golden Peony of Panyong congou of Black Tea

Per-tea is a Professional Shop specialize in Tea produced for a “Healthy life”, Adhering to its slogan “Green & Alive”. per-tea.com is one of the biggest Chinese tea suppliers from China, Golden peony is selected from the superfine leave buds at spring-picking, and it takes much more times during the production process in order to make sure its high quality. .we grow every tea pesticide-free and we also use no chemicals or flavor enhancers . All of our tea are on full compliance with EU standards, have the examining report of SGS(none pesticide residue).
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90.8% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.54 - ,
I think I've found my new favorite tea! I've been searching for a long time for the perfect strong, rich, and malty black tea and this is exactly what I've been wanting. I'm so happy! Shipped quickly and in great shape. Thanks so much.


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Shanghai & XiaMen, China
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