Benefits of Tea Drinking in Winter

Published: Friday 05 January, 2018

Tea has been a preference for health regimen since Chinese ancient times. People drink teas to seek different health benefits in different seasons. So, what are the benefits of drinking tea in winter?

Black Tea is Prevent Flu

There is no doubt that black tea is the best choice for winter, for it is warm and nourish our stomach. Besides, black tea has the effects of the mind and the fatigue relief, it also promotes the secretion of saliva and has a diuretic effect. Meanwhile, black tea contains abundant protein and sugar, our digestive system.

Studies have found that black tea can. Thus, the old one who have cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases should drink and keep warm in winter. What's more, drinking black tea or using it as gargle is helpful to prevent flu and strengthen body immunity. Meanwhile, as a fermented tea, black tea has a small irritation, which is very suitable for people with less strong stomach.

Green Tea Helps Remove Excessive Internal Heat

Climate, winter, winter, winter, winter, winter, winter Under this condition, what kind of tea can help us with these annoying problems?

Green tea is unfermented and cold-natured, so it has a great effect on internal heat and helping produce saliva and quench thirst. What's more, green tea is helpful to accelerate the healing of mild stomach ulcers. So, if you can do it, drink a lot of smoke, smoke, smoke, green tea, can be a great choice for you. Beside, green tea is helpful for weight loss, but it is not suitable for irritant and gastrointestinal system.

Oolong Tea for Parched Mouth

Oolong tea, also called Qing Tea is a black tea and a black tea. Moderate in nature, nor cold nor warm, Oolong tea has good skin embellishing, nourishing throat, improving saliva and other inner heat. Especially, people may get dry mouth (Xerostomia) and chapped Oolong can relieve these symptoms.

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