Black tea, a gentle health guard

Published: Friday 08 December, 2017

Did you realize that afternoon tea has become a fashion? Busy white-collar workers are willing to allow time to give this cup of black tea, perhaps because of its understated and intimate companionship, perhaps because of its silky and delicate taste , Perhaps because the black tea represented leisurely, perhaps black tea to our physical health gentle care.

Black tea to keep fit

In fact, as early as the 1950s, the health care function of black tea has been proved. For long-term sitting in front of the office computer, the lack of movement of white-collar workers, will feel the crisis of obesity is actually quietly approaching?

Recently, a scientific study in the United Kingdom showed the benefits of tea for keeping fit. Black tea is full fermented tea, is a low-calorie drink, long-term consumption, especially with some foods such as: ginger, very effective for keeping slim.

So, for the white-collar family living in the office, drinking black tea is clearly conducive to health. Soak up a cup of mellow tea, stretch your body and let your mind wake up, allowing your body to relax in the long aftertaste of black tea.

Black tea's skin care

Long-term stay up late, lack of sleep, air pollution, computer radiation, shiny surface of the white-collar workers who are always facing a major test of skin health. UV hazards, dull skin, wrinkles invade, do you also have these skin problems?

In fact, every afternoon a cup of black tea, can help you improve the skin. Researchers found that black tea works well in the prevention of skin diseases and is also helpful for wrinkle-reducing and anti-aging. Black tea absorbs the essence of Tongmu Guan natural landscape, mellow taste makes long aftertaste, its rich variety of health care elements can also well nourish the body.

Black tea to ease the pressure

For work pressure, irregular diet of business people, long-term poor circulation in the office, may have had the experience of physical discomfort. Maybe a cup of black tea every afternoon can help you. Black tea contains many beneficial elements such as theanine, long-term drinking can be beneficial to concentrate, stay awake, while maintaining good health. And black tea is rich in protein, helps to enhance the body's resistance.

A cup of first-class black tea, mellow aroma, bright red soup color, pure flavor, long taste. For busy white-collar workers in the office, every afternoon reward yourself a cup of black tea, nutritious and delicious, is indeed a good choice. Black tea, taste fragrant, especially suitable with milk, sugar and other condiments, called out your taste.

Spring blossoms, bring black tea, experience a taste of the journey, relax a period of feelings, let the black tea to protect your health!

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