Buy Tips of Kuding Tea

Published: Monday 08 January, 2018

Purity identification
In Kuding Tea mixed with other substances, with the sensory organs are distinguishable. Ordinary tea body bones lighter, smaller shape, see the leaves at the end of small and thin leaves. As much grit powder may be mixed with other substances. The most convenient and effective method is to take suspicious foreign body about 2 grain size into the mouth with incisors cut. Genuine in the mouth can feel a bitter taste. Bitter after the first sweet, and poor quality is not bitter or bitter weak, or odd bitterness or other odor, licorice only sweet taste without bitterness.
Quality identification
Kuding Tea is a health drink, its review and ordinary tea is different, whether the resistance to brewing is the main, high-end Kuding Tea thick and mellow taste, the first bitter sweet, more stringent clues.
The plate: the sieve, shake, received tea-like, no debris, the middle of tea, heavy body as well, the old leaves cut evenly.
Open soup: 3 grams of tea, said the cup, with a 150ml comment cup, blisters 5 minutes.
Smell the aroma: the bottom of the aroma is not obvious, more dull, hot smell and cold smell no smell as normal, no moldy, gas.
Taste taste: Bitter after the first bitter, bitter taste is acceptable alcohol Shuang Shuang, no smell as well. Sweet, just taste glycol, sweet-smelling is not strong, no sweet as well. Oral and throat after drinking feeling mellow sweet taste, no sense of smell. Such as the product of acid, odd bitter, spicy, burning quality is not good enough, and even doped fake and shoddy goods, to re-test.
Foam resistance test: Kuding Tea resistance brewing, its taste slowly released, continuous brewing (each soak for 5 minutes) more than 10 times still feel very strong as well. Off-flavor fast, easy to change slightly less light.
Look soup color: Kuding Tea soup color yellow-green, clear, no turbidity or suspended solids as well.
Reviews leaf bottom: Indigo or dark blue, soft, leaves no focal spots, no debris as well.
Tea residue, soup shelving: soaked in water with a net open Kuding tea, tea placed 3 to 5 days will not generally become a taste of taste. Brewed tea drops down to no water droplets, the tea residue placed in the cup 3 to 5 days will not mildew, red water, tea still exist.
The old leaves made of Kuding Tea, its taste and made of young leaves similar, but the number of slightly less foam resistance, brewing each time the tea taste lighter. If slightly increase the amount of tea, drinking taste is still good.