Can Children Drink Tea?

Published: Friday 09 February, 2018

Children can drink tea. Tea has more than 500 kinds of chemical composition, the organic content of 95%, and inorganic substances have more than 30. Vitamins in tea have many benefits to children's growth and development. Tea can provide children with a variety of nutrients needed for growth and development, children can absorb these substances well, therefore, the tea has great benefits for children’s growth and development.

Children eating tea eggs or tea dishes, cannot affect the normal growth and development. Children drink the finished tea, such as honey tea, will not cause harm to the body. Tea will promote the secretion of digestive juice and appetite, but also can prevent obesity in a certain . After drinking tea, the tea will stay in the mouth for some time, can effectively inhibit the propagation of bacteria in the mouth to prevent dental caries.

Tea can also help the body discharge toxins and prevent the occurrence of diseases, so tea is good for children. But children are best not to drink particularly strong tea, and do not force children to drink some bitter tea if they don’t like it.