Drink A Good Cup of Tea In Winter

Published: Friday 05 January, 2018

Winter is coming, the temperature plummeted, and the cold wind attack everything. The human physiological function declined, the body's physiological activity is in a state of inhibition, and the body's resistance will decline. By the invasion of the cold, it easily lead to stomach discomfort, those people who have stomach problems may wish to drink dark tea.

Winter is the coldest season of the year, and the body's physiological functions are diminished by the cold, leading to a decrease in the body's resistance. Dark tea belongs to post-fermented tea, caffeine, which stimulates the stomach, has been reduced during the fermentation process, then it will not stimulate the gastrointestinal. In addition, dark tea is also rich in theaflavins and other isothermal substances, so drinking dark tea has a great effect to warm stomach, it can help the body against the cold and enhance immunity.

Compared with other seasons, winter is a period of less physical activity and meat consumption. Drinking dark tea can promote the digestion and decomposition of meat food and fat, it will adjust the sugar of body, the metabolism of fat and water. Drinking dark tea has a very significant role in stomach conditioning.