Drink method of Kuding Tea

Published: Friday 05 January, 2018
The main point of brewing Kuding Tea first is to open the water, and second, the water quality is better, it is best mineral water, spring water or pure water quality water. The third is to use porcelain or pottery to make tea, taste better. Fourth, put the amount of less Kuding Tea less flavor, resistance to brewing characteristics.
The first contact with Kuding Tea people, if 250ml of boiling water to soak 2 to 3 tea buds, may feel too bitter. In general, a bud of two to three leaves of Kuding Tea bud usually 0.3 ~ 0.4g weight, with 1000 ml of boiling water, with the bubble with the drink. For beginners, it does not seem very light taste. Even if several people drink the same pot of tea, can not put a large amount of Kuding Tea to brew, but should be put one or two at a time until it tastes lighter, and chewing tea buds, the better. Fifth, hot drinks, especially for stomach cold disease are even more so, but for those who do not stomach, cool Kuding Tea is refreshing, refreshing.
Kuding Tea brewing, there are separate brewing and mixing with other tea, herbs two bubble method. Simply to Kuding Tea brewing, authentic, sweet and refreshing. And when it is mixed with other tea leaves, such as oolong tea, green tea, Longjing, hairy, scented tea and the like, the flavor of the tea and the advantages of the Kuding Tea return to the sweetness and the throat are provided. Kuding Tea in tea known as "tea gall" reputation, that is, no matter what tea, Kuding Tea taste can be matched. In general, Kuding Tea and other tea to match the ratio of 1: 9, the best not to exceed 2: 8, otherwise, Kuding Tea will cover the taste of tea. Therefore, the ancient and modern areas along the people always like to add tea when people add one or two Kuding Tea condiments, the Kuding Tea as "tea MSG" to use.