Drink Methods of Gynostemma Tea

Published: Sunday 11 February, 2018

[Processing]: "Gynostemma" stems and leaves as raw material, which buds the best effect, hand-picked, after the ancient legal system of tea and Chinese Herbal Pieces process combined with the processing, which is the original leaf tea, soup color green, fragrance four Spill, slightly bitter. If the raw material is "Wild Gynostemma," all the roots and leaves, washed, dried, chopped made, it is teabag.

【Drinking】: Gynostemma 3-5 grams, boiled water to 500 ml of water is appropriate, covered with foam for about 3 minutes, the amount of health: 3-6 g / day, the amount of treatment: more than 9 grams / day;

Efficacy: to promote body fat metabolism and balance, so as to achieve hypolipidemic, reversal of fatty liver and other feeding effect, while weight loss, laxative, detoxification, and promote the exact effect of sleep.