Effect of Ginseng tea

Published: Friday 05 January, 2018

Ginseng is suitable for patients with severe diseases, among all kinds of ginseng, the most famous is wild ginseng, ginseng tepid, sweet, slightly bitter. It has effects in invigorating qi, invigorating spleen and lung, promoting fluid production, quenching thirst, tranquilizing mind, and improving intelligence. However, due to the destruction of the ecological environment and human over-excavation, the real wild ginseng has been very hard to find. Ginseng used in clinical practice are generally cultivated, also known as red ginseng or raw sunburn ginseng. There are two types of ginseng in China's pre-market market, one is imported and the other is introduced. Its efficacy and price are far apart. Ginseng most of the sales of pharmacies are introduced, the price is generally a few dollars a gram range; imported grams of ginseng a dozen in a dozen or so. Ginseng for serious illness, chronic illness deficiency patients. Advanced cancer patients, as well as cancer patients during radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be taken in moderation, to peiyuan solid, restore vitality. However, doctors must be based on syndrome differentiation, according to the patient's physique and disease compatibility medication. Panax ginseng can be used as a side-effect, which is commonly referred to as "abuse of ginseng syndrome" because of side effects such as headache, insomnia, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure and depression. Therefore, it is not recommended to use ginseng as a health food for self-consumption, especially for young people with stronger constitution and patients with "real heat syndrome". They must be eaten under the guidance of a doctor to achieve the effect of tonic.