Efficacy of Wolfberry

Published: Friday 09 February, 2018

Fructus lycii has effect in enhancing immunity, enhance body resistance, promoting cell regeneration, reducing blood cholesterol content, resisting atherosclerosis, improve skin elasticity, resisting viscera and skin aging, etc.  Take fructus lycii regularly, and can delay aging, beautify skin, and improve sexual function.  Wolfberry is a kind of strong vitality and energy plants, very suitable for eliminating fatigue.  It can promote blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent fat accumulation in liver.  With the comprehensive operation of various vitamins, essential amino acids and linseed oleic acid contained in Lycium barbarum, metabolism in the body can be promoted and aging can be prevented.  Wolfberry tea is actually a traditional Chinese medicine.  If a person does not defecate for three days in a row, you should buy some not particularly bitter wolfberry tea to drink a drink.  Lycium barbarum L. can be use in three parts: Wolfberry leaves can be used to soak medlar tea drinking;  The red fruit fructus lycii can be use for cooking or make tea;  Wolfberry root is also known as " cortex lycii", generally as herbs Use, therefore, is really worthy of the best use.