Field management of Ginseng tea

Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

After soil thawing, buds have not yet germinated when removing cold grass, with a rake in the deep tillage soil depth to not hurt the root. After remove the cold - proof articles, loose soil 3 to 4 times a year. After the removal of the cold, it is necessary to promptly disinfect the noodles with a medicament, which is an effective measure to protect seedlings, prevent disease and increase production. Especially transplanted land and the serious disease of the plot, the cold before and after the anti-cold warrior, the application of 50% carbendazim 1000 times, 1% copper sulfate 100 ml / liter, polyoxin or dezincin 500 times the liquid, mancozeb 1000 times liquid bed, ginseng sheds and roads and other comprehensive disinfection. Dosage to infiltrate the bed 1 to 2 cm is appropriate, and then loose soil, the liquid infiltration into the soil. Ginseng top medicine unearthed play a bactericidal, seedlings, disease prevention. After the first loosening of soil, just when the emergence or absence of seedlings take shade shed, shed eaves high 100 to 130 cm, after the eaves high 66 to 100 cm, the difference is called the mouth, usually 26 to 33 cm. Covered with straw curtain, reed curtain, board, you can also use reed. Trees and other materials compiled into a simple curtain of light leakage, curtain width of 200 to 250 cm, 30% transmittance. Can be used double penetration method, refers to the light through the rain, in order to maintain soil moisture, to prevent soil compaction and rain erosion, reduce disease.
When the soil is droughty, watering should be carried out properly, especially in farmland with less rainfall. After watering to loose soil, rainy season to prevent water.