History of black tea development in England

Published: Tuesday 06 March, 2018

The British are renowned world wide for the passion about tea.  In 1662 when princess Catherine from Portuguese married King Charles, she brought several crates of Chinese black tea as a dowry.  That introduced black tea to the British palace, and since that time it has been an indispensable part of the life of British royalty.  Supposedly (and quite likely!) the first thing the British Queen does every day is drink a cup of black tea.

In 1840 the duchess Anna Telford introduced the idea of afternoon tea, undoubtedly as a great way to catch up on all the day's gossip.  As the prices of black tea slowly became more affordable, a cup of tea in the morning and afternoon tea quickly became wildly popular with all levels of British society, with the result that today drinking black tea is almost synonymous with British society.