How much is the temperature of tea preservation?

Published: Thursday 08 February, 2018

Tea moisture absorption and taste strong, it is easy to absorb moisture and odor in the air, if the storage method is slightly improper, will lose flavor in a short period of time, and the more is the clear fermentation of high fragrance of precious tea , the more difficult to save.
Usually tea after storage for a period of time, aroma, taste, color will change, the original new tea disappeared, Chen Wei gradually dew. The main factors that cause tea deterioration are temperature and humidity.
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Chlorophyll is very high in the leaves of shoots, in light and heat conditions, easily lose green and become brown. The tea polyphenols in the storage process is prone to oxidation, resulting in color browning.

Vitamin C is an important component of the nutritional value of tea, and its content is close to the quality of tea.

Vitamin C is also easy to be oxidized substances, difficult to save, vitamin C is oxidized, not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, but also make tea browning, taste loss of fresh taste. When the water content in the tea is too low , the tea is easy to become stale and degenerate.

When the water content of tea is about 3%, the tea is easy to keep, when the water content of tea exceeds 6%, or air humidity is above 60%, the color of the tea becomes darker and the tea quality becomes inferior. The water content of the finished tea should be controlled at 3% -6%, and more than 6% should be burned.

The higher the temperature, the faster the aging of the tea.

Tea in the process of storage, the temperature of 1 ℃, Browning Speed ​​will be accelerated 3-5 times, under 10 ℃ storage, can inhibit tea browning. Cold storage Under 20 ℃ conditions can almost regularly prevent tea from aging and deterioration.