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180g E-mark Snow Bud Tea dari teh hijau

Snow Bud Tea adalah salah satu teh hijau terbaik.Per-tea.com adalah salah satu pemasok teh Cina terbesar dari China dan memasok sebagian besar 100% teh hijau organik, teh hitam dan teh daun lepas secara online. Semua produk dari perusahaan kami telah lulus sertifikasi oleh SGS, Minuman Sehat Organik yang sesungguhnya untuk kesehatan Anda! Kuncup salju yang dinamai untuk bercak putih salju yang sesekali terlihat dari daunnya, teh ini dipanen sejak dini dan menangkap selera nuansa dan manis dengan baik.
Harga$110.99  $44.40Hemat: 60%
4.50 out of 5,   (10) 10Mások értékelése:
90.0% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.50 - ,
My shipment arrived sooner than I had anticipated, which was AWESOME! The fun didn't stop there, I saw a stamp on the top of the box and thought that was sweet because I felt that it was a personal touch from the shipper. Then I opened the pkg. It was so nicely wrapped, I felt like it was a special occasion just for me, but it also showed me how the shipper is proud of their product. The shipper even sent me a sample pkg of tea that I thought was very thoughtful of them. I bought the Citron Tea for my husband and both of us were really pleased with pleased with the flavor. I was definitely impressed and would recommend this product and shipper to anyone.


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