Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Brew Tips

Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

First get all your brewing apparatus that includes a glass pot usually the best. The water of a temperature that is not too high. The temperature should range between 80 degrees to about 95 degrees, and then don’t forget the main ingredient which is the jasmine silver needle white tea. 

Warm up your teapot first and then pour out the water. Now warm put the jasmine-silver-needle white tea in the pot and shake for 5 seconds and then smell the aroma, it should be measured in that 5 grams for every cup of water.

Pour the water into the teapot for the first infusion and rotate the tea gently. Steep it for a period of about two minutes to three minutes.

Now test the tea liquor and enjoy the soothing aroma and sweetness of the tea. 

For the second infusion repeat the same process only that this time you add one minute extra during steeping to get the best test. You can infuse several other times until the test is weak.