Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

This Jasmine Silver Needle Tea is scented naturally with the fresh jasmine flower for 5 times at least; that is why its jasmine aroma is persistent and exists after many times of repeated infusion; its aroma is mixed with pleasing, charming jasmine flavor, and its taste is sweet & soft; The whole mouth is rich in jasmine aroma & sweetness. The sweetly scented jasmine usually is picked in the month of April and dried up in the sun. Then waited until August where the tea is laid on a bed containing fresh jasmine flowers for a period of five days, during this time they will be balancing the sweet-white tea with the fresh fragrance of jasmine flower aroma making it soothing and perfect for a time of calm. Its name silver needle was derived from its needle-loke shape that is full of silver hair thus making it silvery shiny, and as such the name silver needle white tea.