Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

Published: Thursday 04 January, 2018

Jasmine Silver Needles is a kind of jasmine- flavored white tea. Produced in Panxi, Fuding, Fujian, it is picked from pekoe (Da Bai Hao) tea tree. It is made through silver needle pekoe scented with jasmine. All the tea leaves should be picked before Pure Brightness and plucking time only lasts ten days. It is the superior grade of spring tea.

Like Silver Needle, it is renowned for its health benefits, helping reduce the risk of heart attacks, some cancers and reducing the affects of aging.

In addition, the jasmine scented with silver needle pekoe is produced in Hengxian, Guangxi, China, which is the most famous jasmine-producing area. Mixing the freshness and fragrance of jasmine, this Jasmine Silver Needles can clear and beat the heat, which is suitable for the one whom likes jasmine fragrance and be focus on health.