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180g Eマーク緑茶の雪の芽茶

スノーバッドティーは、最高の緑茶の1つです.Per-tea.comは、中国からの最大の中国茶サプライヤーの1つであり、100%有機緑茶、紅茶、ルーズリーフティーのほとんどをオンラインで供給しています。 私たちの会社のすべての製品は、あなたの健康のための本物のオーガニック健康ドリンクであるSGSによる認定を通過しました!この茶は時折白い雪の色を帯びた斑点に刻まれた雪の芽で、早く収穫され、ニュアンスと甘い味をよく捕えます。
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  • カテゴリ: 緑茶
価格$110.99  $44.40割引: 60%OFF
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My shipment arrived sooner than I had anticipated, which was AWESOME! The fun didn't stop there, I saw a stamp on the top of the box and thought that was sweet because I felt that it was a personal touch from the shipper. Then I opened the pkg. It was so nicely wrapped, I felt like it was a special occasion just for me, but it also showed me how the shipper is proud of their product. The shipper even sent me a sample pkg of tea that I thought was very thoughtful of them. I bought the Citron Tea for my husband and both of us were really pleased with pleased with the flavor. I was definitely impressed and would recommend this product and shipper to anyone.


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