Learning Knowledge of Tea: drinking tea to care your heart

Published: Thursday 28 December, 2017

Tea is a good summer partner, but there are some taboos for patients with cardiovascular disease, only drink right, to care. Recently, the "Daily Health" Network invited the United States Cornell Medical School professor James Robert introduced tea knowledge.

Green tea with lemon. Green tea is rich in polyphenols such as catechins, for the improvement of cardiovascular health have some benefits. Purdue University found that adding some citrus foods rich in vitamin C such as lemon to green tea can improve the human body's absorption efficiency of catechol and increase the health care efficacy of catechol four times.

Black tea, high blood pressure Shen drink. Black tea is named after the appearance of black, which is rich in flavonoids have some benefits to the heart. 2012 US "Prevention" magazine has recommended that drinking 3 cups of black tea a day can reduce the risk of hyperlipidemia 36%. However, this also contains 14 to 70 mg of caffeine, which should be used with caution if the patient has high blood pressure or too fast heart rate.

White tea, most afraid of warfarin. White tea color silver gray green, usually suitable for all patients with heart disease drinking. On the one hand, it can lower blood pressure, blood fat, on the other hand, the entire blood circulation system also benefits. However, patients taking warfarin should be used with caution, so as not to increase the risk of bleeding.

Oolong tea, away from anticoagulants. Oolong tea is rich in tannic acid, tea polyphenols and other active substances, can be digested to greasy, have some relief for hyperlipidemia. However, patients taking anticoagulants should stay away from the risk of adverse reactions.

Chamomile tea, eat aspirin caution. Patients with coronary heart disease often accompanied by insomnia, chamomile tea can be soothe the nerves, after drinking to some extent, alleviate the symptoms. However, it interacts with aspirin to increase the risk of adverse reactions and it is best to consult a doctor before drinking.

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