Legend of Wolfberry

Published: Friday 09 February, 2018

Legend Zhu ruzi mountaineering herbalism, saw two flower dog play, then with his teacher to catch up with a tree, flower dog disappeared.  Zhu ruzi immediately digging under the tree, dig a tree root, " shaped like a flower dog, solid as stone".  Zhu ruzi eat it after washing clean, immediately became a immortal flying away.  Ancient books and such a record: " a passer-by saw a girl  dozen a old man, asked her' The man age so old, why beaten?  The girl said:' the old man is my great - grandson, let him to take medicine but he  refused, so flog him.  Passers - by frightened, asked the girl how old age, the girl replied:' three hundred and seventy - two'.  Such a big age, but like youth is really a miracle.  Then asked her how to maintain and take what medicine.  The girl replied:' there is only one medicine, but there are five names, spring call Tianjing, summer called wolfberry, autumn said Digu, winter said Immortal crutch, also known as the queen mother crutch.  Four seasons often take this fruit, people and world can live together". Although the above is just a legend, is not credible.  However, wolfberry has a high medicinal value is certain.