Some Differences Between Varieties of Chrysanthemums

Published: Friday 09 March, 2018

The appearance of Hang Chrysanthemum, Tai Chrysanthemum and Gong Chrysanthemum flowers have some differences: In the middle of blooming Hang Chrysanthemum has dark-colored flower heart; the Hang Chrysanthemum without blooming is called Tai Chrysanthemum, with beige particles, uniform size and compact; Gong Chrysanthemum flowers are basically petals, with white color and little flower heart.

The different processing: Hang Chrysanthemum is steamed and dried, so it looks like a sticky cake; picking the Chrysanthemum flowers when it is not fully open, flowers of this period have the best quality. After drying out of the flowers, they are the first-class flower bud, after elaborate steaming and baking, they will have a unique flavor. They are rather precious due to its sparse. Gong Chrysanthemums are the dried chrysanthemums which are one by one, fried with fresh raw chrysanthemums.

The differences in efficacy: Hang Chrysanthemum, Tai Chrysanthemum and Gong Chrysanthemum have the effect to remove the hear inside the body, but Hang Chrysanthemum and Tai Chrysanthemum are mainly inclined to remove the liver heat, and Gong Chrysanthemum can clear the heat of the lungs. Therefore, Hang Chrysanthemum always be the medicine, Tai Chrysanthemum and Gong Chrysanthemum are mainly as a daily drink.