Storage method of Kuding Tea

Published: Tuesday 09 January, 2018

Storage Kuding tea is the same with method of storage of other tea, storage methods are mainly refrigerator storage method, thermos storage method, plastic bag storage method, tin can storage method and tile storage method. Specific operations are as follows:
Refrigerator storage method
The new tea into the high density, high pressure, thick, good strength, no smell of food packaging bags or vacuum bags, and then placed in the freezer or freezer refrigerator. This method save a long time, the effect is good. Spring into the winter out, the color of tea, incense, taste basically unchanged, like new tea.
1. Thermos storage method
The wall of the thermos wipe the water dry, the conditions can also buy a new thermos, if the home has been used for many years and the thermal insulation of the thermos can also make use of it, the key to keep the bottle dry, and then poured into the tea, the cork Can be tightly closed.
Plastic bag storage method
Take two non-toxic and odorless non-porous plastic food bags, the dry tea wrapped in soft white paper into one of them, and gently squeezed to vent the air, and then tie the pocket with a thin soft rope, Then the other plastic bag anti-set in the first one, the same out of the air squeezed into the dry, tasteless, sealed wooden box can be.
2. Tin can storage method
Select a few cans, if there is idle home over the food box better. Buy a new tea with a dry cloth to wipe the box, and then put a good new tea into the cans, the cans sealed.
Tile storage method
With dry, odorless, crack-free tile altar, the tea wrapped with kraft paper, placed in the altar, placing a bag of raw lime in the tile altar, covered with altar cotton, every 1 to 2 months Once the lime can be.