Taboo of Kuding Tea

Published: Sunday 07 January, 2018

Cold cold: winter is a high season of cold, suffering from cold and flu people should eat more warm foods such as ginger, get rid of the body's cold, if at this time drinking Kuding Tea will hinder the divergence of cold, Not conducive to the cure of a cold.
Deficiency constitution: the most prominent feature of Deficiency constitution is particularly cold in winter, often feeling cold hands and feet. This constitutional people like to eat mutton, dog meat and other warm foods, but not easy to "get angry", but after drinking cold Kuding Tea, cold hands and feet the symptoms will aggravate, is not conducive to the improvement of physical Deficiency, serious Even abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.
Chronic gastroenteritis patients: Chronic gastroenteritis patients often have different degrees of spleen Deficiency, abdominal cold or eat cool food, easy to stomach ache or diarrhea, Kuding Tea will increase these symptoms. In addition, the elderly relatively weakening of the spleen and stomach, infant spleen and stomach function is not perfect, it is not appropriate to drink Kuding Tea, otherwise easily lead to indigestion, anorexia, diarrhea and other side effects.
Menstrual females: Menstrual menstrual period in the state of blood loss, reduced immunity, this time if you drink cold Kuding Tea easily lead to cold and stagnation of blood, menstrual discharge poor, causing dysmenorrhea, severe cases can cause irregular menstruation . Often dysmenorrhea women, even if not during menstruation, it is best to drink Kuding Tea.
New maternal: just born baby maternal weakness, should be appropriate to eat some warm food. Cold Kuding Tea is not only not conducive to the recovery of postpartum uterus, but also hurt the spleen and stomach, easily lead to the future difficult to cure lingering cold chills, belly pain and so on.