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80g 綠毛峰綠茶

綠色毛峰是中國茶的代表。 百茶是專業生產“健康生活”茶葉茶具專業店,堅持“綠色活力”口號。 我們所有的茶都完全符合歐盟標準,有SGS的檢查報告(無農藥殘留)。綠茶富含微量元素和各種維生素,因此常常對身體有益。
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  • 商品分類: 綠茶
價格 $65.90  $36.30節省: 45%
4.46 out of 5,   (13) 13目前評論:
89.2% of buyers enjoyed this product!
Review: 4.46 - ,
I just received my sampler and I love it. It is conveniently (and beautifully packaged) so you can seep the tea in bag or loose. They are fragrant, fresh and are so delicately flavored. So far the Velvet Vanilla is my favorite (prepared a bit like latte with some warm, frothed milk). I would definitely order from this seller again.


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