Tea Arts

Published: Friday 05 January, 2018

Tea art is a culture. On the basis of excellent Chinese culture, tea art extensively absorbs and draws on other forms of art, then expanding into other areas such as literature and art to form a tea culture with a strong national characteristics. It is a good artistic conception of the entire tea-making process, including the appreciation of tea evaluation techniques and the appreciation of artistic manipulation, as well as appreciation of the good environment of tea. The process reflects the mutual unification of forms and spirits and it forms a cultural phenomenon during tea drinking activities. Tea arts include: tea selecting, water selecting, cooking technology, the art of tea set, the choice of environment creation and a series of content. Tea background is an important means to set the theme, which renders the pure of tea, the elegant, the rustic temperament, and enhance the artistic appeal. Different styles of tea art have different background requirements, only to choose the suitable background could better understand the taste of tea.