The Physical Effects of Drinking Tea

Published: Thursday 30 November, 2017

Tea can be classified into Green, Black, White, Oolong, Puerh, Yellow and Flowering tea. Drinking tea has many health benefits, but we would like to discuss some of the more common physical effects of drinking tea which makes it such a beneficial beverage.  Drinking tea can quench thirst, however some people experience the opposite and feel even more thirsty while drinking tea.  How can this happen and why does it happen to some people but not others?

Keeping Cool While Drinking Hot Tea
When you are drinking a cup of hot tea during the summer, all of your body will feel cool, and your mouth will produce excess saliva.  And there are different reasons for feeling cool while drinking hot tea, and the excess production of saliva in your mouth.

Hot Teas Cooling Effects
The reason your body will still feel cool after drinking a cup of hot tea, whether during the summer or winter, is because of the caffeine in the tea.  Caffeine helps to transform fat in the body into energy, causing you to sweat, yet not feel hot.  That is one of the reasons tea is touted as a weight loss aid because the calories can be burnt away by drinking hot tea. 

Saliva Production
After drinking teas, most people experience increased saliva production in their mouth because of the polyphenols in the tea as well as sugars, amino acids, pectin and vitamins which promote saliva productions.  It also is because of the extra water in your body after drinking many teas, because tea is also very hydrating.

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