The Proper Preservation Method of Tea

Published: Sunday 11 March, 2018

The tea smells like odors, and it is more afraid of moisture, heat and light. The finished processed tea is extremely dry, and is crushed with one's finger, which is the best preservation humidity for tea. The best temperature for tea storage is 0 ~ 10 °C. The temperature should not exceed 4 months at 15°C, and the temperature should be above 25°C. The shelf life should not exceed 2 months, otherwise obvious discoloration and odor will occur.Brew a Wide Variety of Tea

Illumination can accelerate the oxidation of tea leaves. Tea should not be stored in transparent glass and plastic containers, and it should not be dried in the sun. Because the high-grade tea leaves are processed with fine-tipped shoots, they are prone to oxidation and aging. Even under conditions of moisture-proof, light-proof and temperature, the preservation period of flower tea should not exceed one year, and the preservation period of green tea should not exceed six months. Home-preserved tea can be placed in a refrigerator, but it should not be longer than 1 year.

The family stores a small amount of tea in the short term (months). Tea, tin bottles, dark glass bottles or ceramic containers can be used. It is best to use a long necked tin bottle or a double-covered iron tea. Fill the tea when it is loaded and avoid entering the air.

Taste the tea with thin oxen paper, tie it tightly, and layer it into dry, odorless, complete and undamaged jars or rust-free, iron-free iron drums. Place a bag or bag between the tea bag and bag. The bag has not been weathered, lime, and then put a layer of tea bags, and cover the lid. If you use jars for storage, you should stuff the altar with kraft paper, cover it with some grass or cotton, and put it in a dry place. The quick lime in the altar should be replaced every January or February. Silica gel desiccant can also be put directly into the container of the tea leaves, but when the particles of the dry powder turn from blue to translucent pink, they can be taken out in direct sunlight or baked with fire. Revert to the original color and use it again.

Use hot water bottles with better insulation properties to hold the tea. Plug the bottle with a wooden stopper and seal it with white wax. Wrap it with a tape and leave it for a long time.

Pack a pack of quicklime in paper, place it on the bottom of the bottle, put the tea on top of the lime, and tightly seal it. The tea will not be poisonous and will not lose its flavor.

Do not touch spices, paint or camphor so as not to make the tea taste odor.

If the tea is moldy and can be fried in a pan for a few minutes, it can be restored. However, it must be collected in accordance with the above method to prevent moldiness. Mildew, can not be dry, dry in the pot for about 10 minutes to restore, the pot should be clean, the fire should not be too large.

As the temperature rises, the speed of the chemical reaction increases, which also promotes the decomposition of the active ingredients of the tea and reduces the nutritional value of the tea. Therefore, tea should be stored at low temperature. Store in the refrigerator, the temperature is best between 0 ~ 10 °C can not be placed with soap, sugar can not be put together.

To dry, clean, dark, low temperature, low oxygen; avoid high moisture content, exposure to odor, light exposure, high temperature environment, exposed space.Brew a Wide Variety of Tea

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