The Role of the Deserted Tea Root

Published: Thursday 12 April, 2018

Many people have the habit of drinking tea. It is a pity that the brewed tea leaves are thrown away every day. In fact, the brewed tea root is also a “treasure”. If dry the deserted tea roots and lay the tea leaves on the road, quickly go through it with barefoot and it will be of great benefit to human health. The rapid walking fitness practice has proved that barefoot walks on tea leaves and the tea stems are relatively rigid, which can stimulate the acupuncture points, clear the meridians, promote blood circulation, and enhance resistance.

It is relatively simple to lay tea leaves on the road to make tea road. According to the site conditions, it can be long or short, thin or thick, and the width need to ensure that the feet can step on the tea leaves. To facilitate walking and ensure a certain walking speed, the length should not be less than 5 meters.